Corps Étranger II

Premiere Date: July 2015

Choreography by Christine Germain in collaboration with Diana Lara and Joyce Lu

Music by Gretchen Jude

Is it a mirage, or a mirror of our perceptions? There are abstract shapes transforming before us, which may seem extra-human but are still living things. Ever so slowly, they move to the sounds of their breath, our breath and the electric noise of the nervous system. The body’s strange and evocative plasticity invites us to reconceive our own physicality as if a metaphor for evolution. The meticulous movement aesthetic draws from the study and practice of Contact Improvisation, phenomenology, and somatics such as the Feldenkrais Method. The latter inspires an exploration of Darwin’s stages of evolution, and how we are all creatures of habit adapting to new environments, leaving behind past identities to embrace new ones. How can we get on with our lives once we have faced the alien in ourselves?


January 9-13, 2017

Award-winning choreographer Christine Germain joins forces with lighting designer Heather Basarab to explore a range of lighting design on a single piece of work.  In Photosoma, dancers Ronja Ver, Joyce Lu, and Diana Lara will repeat the same choreography to different lighting designs in a study of the effect of technical elements on the perception of movement.  The audience will see the same piece several times and observe the extent to which lighting influences perception of the artwork, the body, and the environment.

LAB Étude no. 2

Premiere Date: November 2014

Choreography by Christine Germain in collaboration with Joyce Lu

Two Dancers/Feldenkrais practitioners structure contact improvisations that explore both experiential and virtual anatomy. We sense and express each others’ stories; the body becomes a landscape from which we excavate information and share what we read and learn from this experience.


MFA Thesis Project at UC Davis| 2013

Transmutation by Christine Germain in collaboration with Andrea del Moral and Deirdre Morris questions how, as individuals, do we deal with our identity shifts? It investigates the learning or relearning of who we are, and our relationships with others, space and the world as we embrace, reject or simply accept this new alien identity.

Le Projet Migration

CounterPulse| 2009

Choreography by Christine Germain in collaboration with Slater Penney

Love. Immigration. Bureaucracy. "Le Projet Migration" is a piece of physical poetry that is touching, humorous, evocative, and autobiographical. The work exists largely to instigate discussions, questioning laws on marriage, immigration, residency, and citizenship. The experimental movement vocabulary hybridizes contact improvisation, partner balancing, and contemporary dance with the intimacy of everyday gestures.